Our Customers

We offer our high quality engineering and design services to all involved in the development of industrial projects.

Broadly, there are three categories :

EPC / EPCM contractors make use of our know how for the structural design according to Eurocodes or AISC / ASCE standards.

Specialised equipment manufacturers make use of our civil and structural design services in an effort to offer fully engineerd, customized solutions towards their clients.

Last but not least, the industrial production plant asset owners and their corporate engineers make use of our services for the brownfield / greenfield expansion and maintenance projects.

Our experience with fast growing economies, locally available steel sections or seismic loads for instance, add to our general profile.


Expertise, Innovative Solutions,

Reliable Partners

Civil & Structural Engineers


Our civil and structural engineers will develop your building designs in accordance with the best industry standards in steel or concrete, from General Arrangement to Detailed Workshop drawings


Energy Expertise

Our energy expertise includes thermal and electrical energy solutions for applications in a range from 1 to 40 MW. 

We have a focus on efficient, decentralized hybrid sustainable energy technologies.

Business Supporting Services

Our Business Supporting Services include assignments in senior technical or general management.